The most reliable provider in Town

Our purpose

When AeroNet was founded, Internet providers were a dime a dozen, but you would be hard-pressed to find one that combined dependability with flexibility and technological savvy.

AeroNet became the answer for those who saw the Internet not only as a current commodity but also as the way for the future in communications and business transactions.

With headquarters in San Juan, PR., we currently provide Data and Broadband Internet service to the island of Puerto Rico and the surrounding Virgin Islands.

Our proprietary network covers more than 4000sq miles with continuing expansion. Using point-to-multipoint wireless technology and fiber-optic, AeroNet offers commercial-grade bandwidth service at competitive prices with the added benefit of superb customer care.

We are reliable

AeroNet makes use of the latest commercial grade technology to provide dedicated, secure and reliable High Speed Broadband access to our customers. Our network reliability combines the advantages of microwave antennas and fiber-optic installation.

We are safe

Security is our main concern. Even though some home WI-FI equipment can harbor security vulnerabilities, our system does not utilize such protocols nor operates in the same frequency. Instead we use various security mechanisms starting with proprietary transmission protocols and seconded by data security protocols like vlan and vpn.

We are flexible

Bandwidth is managed by our Network Operations Center (NOC), where we can provide bandwidth upgrades at customer request. Need more bandwidth? Just give us a call and your upgrade will be ready in just minutes.

We are fast

Why wait for a connection? If you need service, just request a site survey and you will have your service installed in less than 5 business days! Our system is completely independent from the local providers, thus we provide the fastest installation available in PR.

We have guarantees

We are the only Enterprise Provider to offer a true industry Service Level Agreement (SLA), This is our commitment to provide our customers the most outstanding service possible.

We go Direct to the Net

Our network design bypasses local provider’s infrastructure, so our customers connections go directly from our network to the Internet through one of the world biggest Tier1 Internet Fiber Providers. This architecture permits lower latency, faster response and shorter connections to the global Internet.